Millionaire Baby Program for 3-18y kids

Millionaire Baby Program (MB), is made by experts at Chelsea98, after two years of hard work, discussion with professors from University of Toronto, Yale University, and Education specialists. As the key factor, we teach the fundamental financial concepts and play fun-filled games by using these financial theories, for young kids from 3 years old to 18 years teenage.

It is very important to learn and use these practical financial knowledge at their early years, for their better future. From the most famous Montessori Education, to Karl Witte’s Education (who made his sick boy becomes genius), you could easily find something related to Finance, but not enough in the changing time.

As simple as numbers, to basic math, then Money, Price, Value, making a deal, to advanced Financial Trading. We made a great patented system to train kids efficiently on learning the most convenient & profitable Finance.

“We are loading the program soon, please write to us for more details and also get access to our early-bird discount offers.”


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