Gold prices increased almost 100% in the last 5 years which is more than the average increase of S&P 500.


What Determines the Spot Gold Price?

The simplest answer is the law of supply and demand. If buyers are trying to buy gold, sellers may lift prices causing buyers to bid higher. On the other hand, if sellers are overwhelming buyers, those looking to acquire gold may bid lower, thus driving prices down in the process.

Of course, spot gold prices can be affected by many inputs that influence the supply/demand equation. The actual spot price of gold is derived from the nearest month gold futures contract with the most volume. This could be the nearest month, or front month, or it could be a month or two out on the time horizon.

What are Some of the Factors That Drive Spot Gold Prices?

Gold is not only bought as an investment, but it is also bought for use in other areas such as industry and jewelry making. The potential influences on the spot price are extensive, but the following list names some of the major ones:

  • Investment demand
  • Jewelry demand
  • Currency markets
  • Inflation or deflation
  • Interest rates and/or monetary policy
  • Risk aversion or appetite
  • Geopolitics
  • Equity markets

Gold potentially becomes better investment specially during periods of economic or geopolitical stress. For example, spot gold may potentially move higher during times of war or geopolitical unrest. From an economic standpoint, gold may potentially see increased buying from a stock market collapse or bear market.

Interest rates and monetary policy can also have a significant effect on the spot gold price. Gold may potentially benefit during periods of ultra-low interest rates, as low rates make the opportunity cost of holding gold less. On the other hand, gold may potentially come under pressure as interest rates rise, due to the fact that gold does not offer any dividend or interest for holding it.

Currency market is another key driver of the spot gold price. Although gold is traded all over the globe, it is often denominated in dollars. As the dollar rises, it makes gold relatively more expensive for foreign buyers and may potentially cause declines in the spot price. On the other hand, a weaker dollar may potentially make gold relatively less expensive for foreign investors, and can potentially cause spot gold prices to rise.

Why Gold prices increased during Covid-19?

The coronavirus pandemic turned a global health crisis into an economic one. And it’s uncertain when the world will recover from either of these crises. It is in such times of uncertainty that gold is touted as a “safe haven” for those looking for shelter from more traditionally volatile investments, like stocks. “Compared to an investment in stocks, where even the biggest blue-chip companies can (and have) failed, an investment in gold often seems less risky.” The market is changing, more private investors are joining the short or middle term trading also many new powerful products, such as digital currencies.

We attached the chart of gold for better understanding:


As you can see in this chart the gold price reached $2000 level which is the maximum price in the history of gold.

We comparison between S&P 500 and Gold chart in 2020 to see the difference of return during Covid-19:


Green line represents the S&P 500, while Yellow line represents the Gold.

As you can see the chart on January 2020 the price of S&P is almost 150% of gold but after the covid-19 start investor see more interest on gold as a safe investment instead of S&P 500. We choose S&P 500 because this represents the trend of share market in North America.

We assume that after COVID-19 the price of gold will go down but we always tell our clients and students to only invest in that type of investment after analyzing the market completely and always be careful before investment. If you want to learn how to buy or sell the stock at the right time then please enroll in our courses.

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