Health management: 4 latest cases

The most popular 3-month detoxification and body sculpting in the United States and Canada: using daily vegetables and fruits and other healthy foods, through personalized adjustments to the diet structure of three meals a day to reduce fat and weight or gain muscle weight, repair human immunity, and improve physical fitness Physical fitness reduces sub-health.

Not to be ignored-health management of bone and joint diseases

At the age of 40, many people feel that their joints are not as bright as they used to be. In a few years, the situation will get worse, especially for blue-collar people who exercise less, and bone and joint diseases in middle-aged and elderly people are more common. Not only does it cause inconvenience to daily activities, but it is also difficult to heal with money, medicine and injections. It also brings a lot of trouble to work, business or family.

Are tempting fermented foods healthy?

The sour kimchi, the spicy and oily ham, and the refreshing and bubbling beer that you can’t help drooling from afar, are all fermented foods, which are manufactured by humans ingeniously using beneficial microorganisms. Food can be used to preserve food for a long time and enrich our diet life, such as yogurt, cheese, fermented rice, pickles, soy sauce, vinegar, tempeh, milk curd, rice wine, beer, wine, and even stinky tofu and stinky winter melon , It is quite unique.

10 Health Management Cases of Tumor & Cancer Patients in North America

Nutritional therapy is a kind of functional preparation therapy, which uses a combination of "nutritional supplements" extracted, purified, improved, and optimized from natural plants and animals. By adopting individual functional nutritional formulas, the body's immune system can be adjusted and autoimmune cells can be activated. It kills tumor cells, removes the toxins produced by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and repairs normal cell damage caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is a kind of non-toxic side-effect biological therapy; at the same time, it can assist with ordinary food, psychological counseling, acupoint therapy, and exercise therapy. , Music therapy and other natural therapies to achieve efficient health management. This adjuvant therapy has been promoted and applied to a certain extent in the treatment of cancer patients in regular hospitals today.

Discussing the composition of "offcuts" of tablets and pills in pharmaceutical nutrition

Tablets and pill products are preparations of tablets or special-shaped granules (triangular, ellipsoidal, cylindrical, spherical, etc.) that are granulated or compressed without granulation after being uniformly mixed with drugs or nutritional products and auxiliary materials, for oral administration Or external use, is currently one of the most widely used dosage forms in the medical field and nutrition.