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In recent decades, the number of people with food allergies has been on the rise, especially in Western countries.

For example, approximately 7% children in the United Kingdom have varying degrees of food allergies, and Australia is even higher, accounting for 9%. From the perspective of Europe, the proportion of adults with food allergies accounts for 2%. In the most severe allergies, even a small amount of food residue that triggers the allergy can cause allergies.

At the end of 2000, the World Health Organization put allergic diseases- The sixth largest chronic disease in the world,Listed as one of the three major diseases to be studied and prevented in the 21st century.

Globally, about 250 million people have food allergies, 300 million people have asthma, 400 million people have rhinitis, and 1/10 of the total population has drug allergies;

In the past 40 years, the number of people suffering from allergic asthma in the world has increased at an alarming rate, with an average increase of 50% every 10 years;

In the United States alone, there are 20 million patients with allergic asthma and 12 million with food allergies, accounting for 4% of the total US population.

This article has passed the15A more typical case of allergy, let’s briefly analyze and summarize the health management of allergy.

Case number one: Boy, two years old.

Eczema appeared from the age of 2 months. Later, he was found to be allergic to wheat, soybeans, eggs and peanuts. At 7 or 8 months, I used to dig out my little hands to become bloody.

The only advice of American doctors is to apply hormone drugs. I returned to China once when I was 8 months old. For unknown reasons, my eczema got better.

But when he was 1 year old, he was given MMR (Measles-Mumps-German Measles Vaccine), which caused the eczema to recur. After that, it has been repeated repeatedly, with more serious limbs and scalp.

When I was one and a half years old, he turned his scalp in large areas, his face was sallow, and his weight was several kilograms lighter. Later, I visited the pediatrician and dermatology department of the Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital. Although the scalp problem was relieved after two courses of treatment, and the complexion was slightly better, there was still a lot of dandruff and itching. I often wake up at night and scratch my head frantically, and my scalp is often scratched, which greatly affects the sleep of babies and parents. In order to facilitate the application of medicine, the head had to be shaved. His mother often struggled over whether to wash his hair. She was afraid that her scalp would become dry after washing. Both legs have not improved, and they are often scratched. Only wipe 1 % cortisone to relieve itching. For two full years, I tried almost any moisturizer that is available on the market, tried taking a bath with Chinese medicine, and tried the folk methods mentioned on the Internet that can treat eczema, but they have not completely solved the problem.

Nutrition therapy formula: Later, I came into contact with the nutritional therapy in North America, using a special formula of detoxification + probiotics + vitamins + antioxidants.

Two weeks later, my head was free of dandruff, my hair was very healthy, and I scratched my head crazily at night.

In less than a month, the curve of one leg was completely healed, and the curve of the other leg was recovering. The complexion also became rosy, the whole body tended to improve, and continued to use nutritional therapy. The parents are very confident. 

Case two: Ms. 26 years old. She has had severe allergies since she was a child and has been unable to find the source of allergies. Itchy skin often has red bumps, and she gets sick all year round, which seriously affects life and work. She does not dare to eat food indiscriminately; taking different western medicines in rotation , I have tried a variety of internal and external medicines, but none of them work.

Nutrition therapy formula: Adopt a one-to-one special formula of detoxification + probiotics + vitamins + antioxidants; usual drink: aloe vera powder + fruit and vegetable essence powder, drink at any time. It started to get better after two weeks, and it improved significantly after two months. Subsequently, continue to use nutritional formula treatment until recovery. 

Case three: Boy, 15 years old; allergic to dust, pet hair and pollen since childhood. Long-term use of anti-allergic drugs is almost ineffective; if the drugs are not used, the symptoms are more severe.

Nutrition therapy formula: Children's probiotics + children's antioxidants + children's digestive enzymes. After taking it for 3 months, I did not catch a cold in winter; I continued to take it, and almost no allergic symptoms the next spring.

Case four: Boy, 6 years old, suffering from allergic asthma for about 3 years. The allergens are molds and dust mites. They have been treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics in large quantities. They have been treated with antispasmodic treatments. Multiple hospitalizations for comprehensive treatment have no effect!

Nutrition therapy formula: Detoxification + probiotics + vitamins + antioxidants. About three months, there have been obvious results; after half a year, there have been obvious improvements. Remember, different patients have different physiques, even for the same type of disease, their formula may be different! Even if the formula is the same, the dosage and time of administration may be different. Be sure to consult your nutrition health consultant or dietitian.

Case five: Girl, 8 years old, allergic to eczema and pollen. The baby was born with allergic physique. Her nose is always blocked and her skin is very itchy. I can’t sleep well every night because my skin is so itchy. Mother has to sleep with her every day, just to help her scratch the itch. The child cannot sleep well, and the parents cannot sleep well, which is really painful. The child was scratched all over, and blood was covered on the quilt when he got up in the morning. She couldn't run under the sun like other children. Because once she sweats, her eczema will be very harmful. Because of the extensive use of hormone drugs, the skin on the neck and inside of the arms is dark and hard. The doctor said that the child will get better after 5 years old, but after 5 years old, not only does it not get better, but worse. Parents have taken their children to see many doctors: pediatricians, dermatologists, Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists. She also took almost all anti-allergic medicines and rubbed all kinds of anti-allergic ointments, but all of them were of no use. She can't concentrate even in class, because she keeps catching, and her academic performance has been poor. Parents look at their children and then look at other healthy children. It really hurts. The only thing parents can do is to pray every day, hoping that their children will have a good day.

Nutrition therapy formula: Later, I came into contact with nutritional therapy, using a professional nutritional formula of detoxification + probiotics + vitamins + antioxidants. After using it for 3 months, it happened to be the pollen season again, but the parents found that their children's nasal mucus no longer flowed, nor nasal congestion, they can no longer breathe through the mouth, but can breathe smoothly through the nose. After 5 months, the child's skin has also improved significantly, and the black and hard skin has also begun to soften, gradually turning into white skin, and it is no longer itchy. At night, the child can finally sleep until dawn. Parents no longer have to sleep with their children. 

Case six: Boy, 3 years old. Since 9 months old, she has eczema on her face, arms, legs, and hands. The skin is dry, like old bark. Because of itchy skin, often scratching the skin, unable to concentrate, unable to sleep well at night. Parents used various moisturizers and Chinese herbal medicines that were available to relieve dry skin, but the effect of anti-itching was not obvious. I have seen traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and it is recommended to use the smeared ointment. Parents insist on applying the medicine every day. After the application, the eczema disappears, but it reappears after a few days. Parents are very anxious about the side effects of hormonal drugs, but there is nothing to do.

Nutrition therapy formula: Later, on the recommendation of a nutrition consultant, some natural nutritional supplements (especially functional nutrients for children, such as probiotics, antioxidants, etc.) were used according to the children's situation. After 2 months, the skin slowly became smooth and soft, and the area of eczema gradually decreased; after one year, the eczema disappeared completely. 

Case Seven: Male, 50, has lived in Japan for many years and has a severe hay fever patient. According to Japanese friends, hay fever in Japan was discovered in 1964. So far, there have been 13 million patients across the country. That is to say, there is an average of 1 hay fever in every 10 Japanese. After immigrating to Toronto from Japan, I also experienced allergic symptoms, and medications could not cure me.

Nutrition therapy formula: Later, with the help of a nutrition consultant, I started to take functional nutritional preparations: antioxidants + vitamins + probiotics, three effects in one. Two courses of treatment were basically good, and the pollen allergy did not reappear in the second year. Of course, according to the nutrition consultant: Before using these antioxidants and immunity-enhancing products, you must detoxify, clear the liver, etc., to ensure a clean and clean internal environment.

Case eight: Madam, 38 years old. On April 20, 2015, she was found to have initial symptoms of herpes zoster. Nutrition therapy started on April 23, 2015.

Nutrition therapy formula: Detox + Vitamin + Antioxidant + Probiotics. One week later, the initial symptoms disappeared and there was no fever. It returned to normal after 2 weeks. At the same time, her husband had suspected herpes zoster recurrence several years ago. After taking the same formula one week later, he fully recovered. 

Case 9:Women, adults. From childhood to before going abroad, the immune system is completely unstable. Colds and allergic rhinitis are the most serious problems, affecting life and work, and even driving. I have used antibiotics and hormone drugs, but they only temporarily relieve symptoms.

Nutrition therapy formula: Started to use nutritional formula products in 2012; in 2013, 2014, 2015, I had 3 cold experiences, because probiotics, vitamins, and nutrients such as detoxification and antioxidants were used instead of drugs. Results: Fever and other cold symptoms were relieved every time, and the recovery time was shortened every time. 

Case ten: Female, 38 years old. Asthma plus bronchitis plus severe rhinitis, when encountering seasonal temperature changes, you can simply stay at home, and no medicine can cure it.

Nutrition therapy formula: Nutrition therapy treatment started at the end of April 2015. Before the formal nutritional formula, a large number of nutrients were used for detoxification. After 2 weeks, the signs of recovery such as brisk walking, unobstructed nose, and clear nose appeared. After a week of traveling, I added antioxidants for a few days and sweated a lot, so I started a formal nutritional formula with confidence (vitamins + probiotics + antioxidants, etc.). After half a year, the symptoms of asthma and rhinitis were basically controlled. 

Case 11:Lady, adult. The pollen allergy for 7 years has worsened every year and changed the medicine every year; I am desperate to change from over-the-counter medicine to prescription medicine. Symptoms are: nasal congestion, almost unable to sleep at night, a lot of yellow discharge in the nose; during the day the nose is like a faucet, affecting work. The eyes are itchy, red, swollen and wrinkled. In the worst case, blisters grow in the whites of the eyes, which seriously affects vision and driving, and the annual time is prolonged. I have sought Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I have used local honey. It has improved slightly, but I still have to take anti-allergic drugs.

Nutrition therapy formula: Antioxidants + minerals + curcumin + vitamins + probiotics. In the first spring, two weeks later, you can take the drug every other day, and the symptoms will not rebound; in the second spring, one month before the allergy season, start taking the low dose, and there is no symptoms for two months; at the peak of pollen, you feel mild Stuffed nose, a small amount of nasal water. After increasing the dosage and probiotics, the symptoms disappeared. In the third and fourth springs, I did basic health care and low-dose antioxidant conditioning all year round. There was no allergic symptoms in the two springs.

Case 12: Boy, 12 years old. From the age of 4 or 5, there have been food allergies, and seasonal cold allergies in spring and autumn, accompanied by asthma. Western medicine treatment: antibiotic medicine, atomization treatment, together. Result: Not only the stomach and intestines are broken, the appetite is lost, but also gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea. In the second half of 2012, there will be troubles several times a month; the weight and height are lower among children of the same age.

Nutrition therapy formula: Detox kit + vitamins + antioxidants + omega-3, etc. After 3 months, it was basically under control; after half a year, it got better.

Case 13:Ms. 26 years old.

Before arriving in the United States, and in the first 4 years, I did not have any allergic symptoms. Later in the spring, there will be nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, and itchy throat; later, there will be cough and sputum; in severe cases, there will be fever, headache, and nosebleeds. It happened only in the spring at first, and then intensified year by year, and then it happened in almost every season; sometimes it happened with a cold. As long as there is a cold and cold around, she must have a problem and can't tell whether it is a cold or an allergy.

Nutrition therapy formula: After the first course of treatment, the symptoms were significantly reduced; after the second course of treatment, the symptoms were basically controlled. The patient has confidence in nutritional therapy.

Case Fourteen: Boy, 9 years old. From birth, eczema has been present all over the body. A slight emotional instability or improper diet can trigger eczema. I have tried many drugs, but it can only relieve temporarily.

Nutrition therapy formula: Detoxification + probiotics + antioxidants, topical aloe vera gel; with low-calorie diet conditioning. Within a month, the eczema miraculously subsided; after 3 months, it was completely controlled.

Case 15: Boy, 10 years old. I had allergic symptoms since childhood: nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, and later became asthma, 5 years ago. Later, almost once a month, antibiotics and asthma sprayers were always used. The doctor has done an allergy test, but has been unable to find the source of the allergy. After changing several doctors, the symptoms became more and more serious. Later, the doctor used several drugs to give the child at the same time. The dose was large, but it still did not improve. In September 2011, the asthma could not be controlled, and the doctor gave two oral hormonal drugs. The doctor said: The child is already a buffalo shoulder. The parents are very worried and scared. Can't find a solution at all.

Nutrition therapy formula: Detoxification + probiotics + antioxidants. Half a year later, the number of allergies became less and less. From the beginning once a month to once every 2-3 months. Until later, all western medicines were stopped. When you are allergic, the symptoms are mild and you don’t need an asthma machine. The doctor said: The child's buffalo shoulder is gone.

to sum up

  1. The root cause of the global increase in allergy rates lies in a large number ofModern food leads to an imbalance in the nutritional structure, and the immunity of young, middle-aged and elderly people is declining regardless of whether they are men or women..

What the hospital adopted was to check for allergens, avoid certain foods, and use antihistamines, but did not check the cause from the source, so naturally the problem cannot be solved;

  • 15 allergy cases remind us:

An effective solution for allergic symptoms and allergic diseases requiresChange the structure of food, and adopt effective nutritional preparations and microecological preparations(For example, probiotics, etc.), experienced dietitians adjust the formula and ratio of functional nutritional preparations according to the physical needs of different individuals, so as to improve and cure the disease from the source;

  • Prevention first. In other words, in daily life, we must learn to choose the right food and reasonable cooking methods, try to avoid refined foods, improve and strengthen our own immunity, in order to stay away from allergies, this is also the king of health!

As a relatively new industry-health management is the core component of the future medicine and medical field. It strengthens the physical fitness and strengthens the body’s immunity, prevents the occurrence of diseases early, can save a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, and can more safely and effectively maintain our health!

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Modern medicine divides human physique into two categories:Allergic and non-allergic, And people with allergies account for the vast majority.

It’s just that the symptoms of allergies are different for different ages, different living environments, and different genetic backgrounds. Some people may not even notice that they are allergic. People with abnormal innate immune function are often inherited, that is, they have this physique. Of people, allergies may occur for life.

Clinically generalAllergies are roughly divided into allergic reactions and allergic diseases.

The former is a systemic syndrome in which the body reacts abnormally to allergens. Allergic reaction refers to the reaction of tissue damage or dysfunction that occurs when the immune body receives the same antigen stimulation again.

The latter is that allergies affect certain organs and tissues, leading to certain diseases. The common allergic diseases include allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, certain dermatitis, etc. These are more typical allergic symptoms. In recent years, we have often heard the term leaky gut. In fact, leaky gut is also a manifestation of intestinal allergies.

From the perspective of immunology,The main cause of allergies is the gradual decline of people’s immunity due to processed foods and nutritional structure..

Allergic reactions and allergic diseases. If they occur on the skin, redness, urticaria, etc. may occur; if they occur in the digestive tract, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea may occur. Individuals with severe illness may die from bronchospasm, suffocation or anaphylactic shock.

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