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"Boshilong Three-dimensional Detoxification Theory" is a complete set of basic methodology for modern health management that integrates the three information dimensions of traditional Chinese medicine theory, traditional western medicine theory and modern medical theory for nutritional management and efficacy management. Three-dimensional detoxification theory, also known as three-dimensional cross detoxification theory, or interchange detoxification theory, multidimensional detoxification theory, is one of the ten basic theories of "Boshilong Health Management".

Three-dimensional detoxification (3D Detox), based on the precise data of epidemiology and diagnostic medicine of modern medicine, adopts the thinking mode of one of the core of Chinese medicine and Tai Chi medicine, and integrates nutrition medicine and health management medicines, foods, nutrients, and energy elements The overall health management methods of different functions. Based on the Chinese folk wisdom of "all diseases are imported from the mouth, medicine is divided into three parts of poison", "everything is poisonous, the key lies in the dose" of Western medicine, and modern molecular biology and cytogenetics "toxin accumulation, nutrition The latest cell disease theory of "obstacles" implements the effects of traditional, folk and modern tangible and intangible elements on health, and applies them to the daily lives of the general public, opening up new horizons for future medicine and health.


The basic idea of three-dimensional detoxification:

First of all, functional nutrients or functional nutritional preparations derived from nature have a strong detox effect, but these functional nutrients or functional nutritional preparations are also industrially produced and have commercial benefits. After all, they are not purely natural foods and may contain some Trace amounts of industrial toxins, such as detergents for cleaning lines and bottles and cans, or substances that require functional nutrients or functional nutritional preparations to enhance nutritional efficacy, prevent oxidation, long-term stable storage or delayed release, etc. Use other energy methods to participate in detoxification again;

Secondly, natural organic foods also have a lot of natural toxins, or some possible traces of toxins caused by over-processing during cooking and processing, while pesticide and fertilizer residues and various additives and chemicals in ordinary food There are more substances, which also requires other ways to participate in detoxification again;

Finally, there are physical detoxification methods outside the cells, such as massage, massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, moxibustion, pedicure, ear therapy, cupping, scraping, aromatherapy, sweat steaming, and other folk physical therapies (such as phototherapy, magnetic therapy) , Spa, music therapy) and so on. These methods belong to natural physical detoxification and are part of the natural energy detoxification system. Their limitation is that they are very professional and not as simple as ordinary food and functional nutrients; they also require long-term persistence and a process of body adaptation and feeling.

In addition to the above three detoxification methods, it also includes three energy-linked detoxification methods (also belonging to the natural energy detoxification system): exercise detoxification, psychological detoxification, acupuncture detoxification, etc., a total of six energy field detoxification methods. For these six specific detoxification methods, it is necessary to choose a suitable detoxification package according to individual differences and different symptoms, and perform three-dimensional detoxification in a certain time sequence to achieve the best detoxification effect.


How does the grade separation detox work??

From the perspective of energy medicine, three-dimensional cross detoxification is a detoxification method using six energy fields. The energy provided by ordinary food and functional nutrients is a measurable chemical energy, and the toxins discharged are visible toxins; while natural energy The detoxification system, including physical detoxification, exercise detoxification, psychological detoxification, and acupoint detoxification, is through the communication of perception, consciousness, thought, meditation, qi and blood, acupuncture points, meridian, magnetic field, glow, radiation, bioelectricity, biological clock, etc. To expel invisible toxins in the human body, improve the body's health index, repair immunity, and achieve a healthy balance. The specific operation mode is as follows:

(1) The production and distribution of toxins inside and outside the cell are three-dimensional and sequential, that is, multi-dimensional toxin production and distribution. Stereo-cross detoxification also requires multi-dimensional detoxification methods;

(2) After 1-3 months, under the guidance of health managers, specific plans can be given (based on the overall distribution of toxins and the special accumulation of certain organs), but every time the detoxification process of each method, It is a one-dimensional one-way biochemical reaction, or a one-dimensional one-way physical process; with the alternate use of natural foods and natural nutrients, it can basically achieve a multi-dimensional detoxification mode and energy balance;

(3) Biochemical reactions and physical processes with different time dimensions require not only the alternate use of natural food and natural nutrients inside the cell, but also the assistance of the natural energy detoxification system (promoting blood circulation and energy balance) outside the cell, because energy Or the movement of qi and blood is three-dimensional, multi-dimensional, and multi-site;

(4) Acupuncture points, meridians, qi and blood, magnetic fields, glow, radiation, bioelectricity, biological clocks and other intangible elements, as well as tangible elements such as blood, lymph, and ganglia, plus multi-dimensional detoxification such as perception, consciousness, mind, and meditation The effectiveness of the model is determined by practitioners or health managers based on their own understanding of these theories and their proficiency in practical operations. Therefore, they have the characteristics of gradual progress, but still have long-term effects;

(5) The crossover or sequential detoxification of the two sets of detoxification systems inside and outside the cell does not have a unified model or standard, but choose the most suitable combination according to physique and disease. In most cases, health managers only give specific guidance and demonstrations, and each individual himself is a practitioner who understands and adopts different combinations that suit him.

Brief introduction of six energy field detoxification methods

(1) Natural functional nutrient energy field: This system is based on a series of physiologically effective biochemical detoxification pathways possessed by natural functional nutrients or functional nutritional preparations, and constitutes the main metabolic and immune pathways of human cells, channels or body fluids. Physiological and biochemical toxin removal, including the initiation or inhibition of certain genetic genes, the blocking or inhibition of certain cancer genes, the dredging or activation of certain metabolic disorders, the strengthening or activation of certain immune functions, and so on. Its characteristics are quantitative, precise, high concentration and high efficacy. The disadvantage is that there must be specific guidance from professionals. The basic nutrients include: digestive enzymes, probiotics, milk thistle, hyssop, curcumin, proanthocyanidins, lycopene, vitamins, astaxanthin, curcumin, isoflavones, flavonoids, minerals, etc.

(2) Natural organic food detoxification energy field: This system is based on a series of detoxification pathways possessing both satiety function and physiological function of natural organic food, which constitutes the main metabolic and immune pathways to human cells, channels or body fluids Carry out physiological toxin removal, including discharge toxins, balance hormones, beautify skin, activate stem cells, improve liver function, feed good cells, repair gastrointestinal tract, balance immunity, etc. Its characteristics are delicious food, simple and easy, popular life, and feasible for everyone. The disadvantage is that it may change the diet and lifestyle. The basic nutrient foods include: water, lemon, cucumber, fermented milk products, fermented soy products, fungi, seaweeds, potatoes, konjac, lotus root, aloe, cruciferous, mung beans and bean sprouts, etc.

(3) In vitro physical detoxification energy field: This system is based on a series of effective energy exchange detoxification pathways of in vitro physical detoxification methods, and constitutes a physical form of toxin removal for the main metabolic pathways of human cells, pipes or body fluids, except Moisture, these methods generally do not directly participate in the biochemical reactions of cells, and there is no addition of other external nutrients (if oil or medicinal materials are added, there will be biochemical effects), but these methods can affect the biochemical reactions inside the cells through changes in energy , And the transmission and communication of information between cells. Its characteristics are external treatment, easy leisure, relatively convenient, fast effect, and focused. The disadvantage is that it is easy to accidentally be injured, not easy to be precise, there will be repetition, and the time is longer. The basic energy elements include: massage, massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, moxibustion, pedicure, ear therapy, cupping, scraping, aromatherapy, steaming, water therapy, light therapy, hyperthermia, cold therapy, music therapy, magnetic therapy, etc. .

(4) Exercise detoxification energy field: The energy consumed by exercise accounts for 5%-30% of the human energy consumption. The heat generated by exercise is dissipated through the evaporation of perspiration and other body fluids, and at the same time, toxins (including some heavy metals) are discharged from the body surface; , The heat generated by exercise is dissipated through internal blood circulation or the movement of qi and blood, and at the same time balances the exchange of nutrients and energy from the body. More importantly, this kind of energy operation can nourish, activate and repair a variety of physiological function units such as cells, body fluids, and organs. It is characterized by simultaneous action inside and outside the cell, subjective initiative, relatively convenient, fast effect, and focused. The disadvantage is that it is easy to accidentally be injured, not easy to be precise, there will be repetition, and the time is longer. The basic energy elements include: mechanical exercise (aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, stretching exercise, etc.), tangible element (blood, lymph, fascia, ganglion, etc.) exercise, intangible element (Qigong, Qi and blood, magnetic field, Glow, radiation, bioelectricity, biological clock) movement, etc.

(5) Psychological detoxification energy field: The psychological energy field is one of the basic core fields of the human body energy field. It uses the human body's natural energy and natural gas to self-regulate emotional health and physical and mental fatigue. It is a self-healing method to eliminate negative emotions. Therefore, , Also known as the emotional detoxification energy field; on the other hand, it can also awaken one's health consciousness and stress release through the psychological cues, psychological massage and subconscious guidance of others, so it is also called the psychological massage energy field. The mental detoxification energy field can accompany the energy interaction and linkage of brain function, liver and kidney function, and heart and lung functions. Its characteristics are self-awareness, subjective initiative, relative convenience, and quick results. The disadvantage is that it is easy to expose privacy, easy to lose control, there will be repetition, and the time is long. The basic energy elements include: thinking activities (meditation, association, mind, consciousness, subconscious, subconscious, preconscious, etc.), perceptual activities (perception, memory, prediction, awareness, vision, hearing, smell, etc.), meditation activities (Zhan Sitting, meditating, mind reading, spirituality, bigu, etc.).

(6) Acupoint detoxification energy field: Different from ordinary physical detoxification and exercise detoxification, acupoint detoxification not only includes certain characteristics of physical detoxification and exercise detoxification, but also uses acupoints in Chinese medicine as the core content. According to different physical symptoms and characteristics, one Set appropriate acupuncture points and meridian tapping, percussion, beating, massage, pressing, rubbing and other techniques, with breathing, joints, muscles and other exercises, to achieve the purpose of dredging the meridians and blood. Its characteristics are self-awareness, subjective initiative, relative convenience, and quick results. The disadvantage is that it is affected by the venue, experience, repetition, and time. The basic energy elements are composed of: 52 single acupoints, 309 double acupoints, 50 extra meridian acupoints, a total of 52+309*2+50=720 acupoints; there are 12 meridians (in fact, there are 24 symmetrical Article). In addition, there are "Ren Channels" on the front of the body and "Du Channels" on the back of the body, a total of 12*2+2=26 channels.

Common techniques for detoxification of six energy fields

(1) For individuals with different physiques, you first need to determine their physique, and then give the corresponding plan; the six energy fields can be detoxified in order or on demand; it can be alternated or synchronized; you can use all of them or just use them Several of them; but they are not simple mechanical additions or overlaps; vary from person to person, one person per person;

(2) Generally speaking, for sub-health people, natural organic food detoxification comes first, followed by exercise detoxification, acupuncture point detoxification, psychological detoxification, and finally physical detoxification and functional nutrient detoxification; people with severe chronic disease symptoms are effective Nutrient detoxification is the first, natural organic food detoxification is second, followed by physical detoxification and acupoint detoxification, and physical detoxification and psychological detoxification are last;

(3) The seasonality and eating habits of food, as well as the difference in meal time (two meals a day, three meals or four meals), etc., have a time sequence with toxin accumulation and toxin extraction, which can realize the biochemical reaction and physical process of the time dimension difference , Eliminate or discharge more toxin residues, thus achieving the basic ideal model of three-dimensional crossing;

Therefore, based on the physical and diagnostic reports of each individual, different nutritional management and health management programs are given at different time stages. Each stage may also need to adjust the sequence, combination, and formula of the programs. Three-dimensional cross detoxification can achieve physical and psychological three-dimensional and cross detoxification, as well as three-dimensional and cross detoxification in time and space. It integrates precise nutrition and fuzzy nutrition to help the body recover its self-healing power and relieve toxins. .

To understand the essence of three-dimensional cross detoxification, to achieve longevity and prevent diseases, it must be based on the concept of harmony between nature and man and return to nature, remove psychological distractions and physical toxins, and not be bothered by secular toxins. Able to maintain health and practice Taoism successfully.

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