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Beautiful women want to whiten and beautify their skin, but also want to remove wrinkles and eye bags, but it is too expensive to go to Korea for beauty, and it is not safe enough to get stem cell injections or hyaluronic acid injections. Today I recommend three different methods of beauty and beauty, which are environmentally friendly, healthy, inexpensive, and effective!

The first set: Traditional Chinese Medicine Method: Three Musketeers of Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty

1,almond. White and delicate, perfect for beauty. Many of the beauty recipes recorded in "Yongle Dadian" contain almonds. The "Taizhen Red Jade Cream" used by concubines can be regarded as an ancient mask. Method: Use the same amount of peeled almonds and talc to grind into a very fine powder, and then steam it in a covered container for 5 to 10 minutes and set aside. Usage: Before washing the face every day, use egg white to make a facial mask and apply it on the face. After use, the skin will be moisturized and white as jade.

2Zeland. The medicinal parts are stems and leaves. Regarding Zelan beauty, ancient medical records have the most records. In "Materia Medica Tongxuan", it is recorded that "Zelan Yues the spleen and smoothly reaches the skin orifice". Zhang Lihua, the beloved consort of Queen Chen of the Southern Dynasties, has not fallen out of favor for a long time. She actually cultivated Zelan in the harem and used it every day. Eupatorium leaf boils water and bathes the body, so that the hair is shiny and the skin is smooth.

3, Baiji. Has the reputation of miraculous beauty. White powder is mixed with egg white and honey to make a high-quality natural mask. It can make the skin white, tender and delicate, and has excellent anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle effects. It can also protect hands and treat cracked feet. The "Qianwang Hongbai San" recorded in "Yongle Dadian" is one or two each of Baiji, pomegranate peel, white aconite, and winter melon seeds. Add 1500 ml of rice vinegar to soak for 3 days. Take a small amount of face wash every day to make the face shine like jade.

The second set: Folk Method: Three Musketeers of Folk Beauty

1, Peach gum. It is a jelly secreted from the peach tree. It also has a nice name, "Peach Blossom Tears". The dried peach gum is very hard in the form of crystalline stones and looks a bit like amber. It has the effects of clearing blood, lowering lipids, relieving stress and anti-wrinkle skin rejuvenation. Peach gum is a natural beauty product, and has excellent beauty effects whether it is used internally or externally. According to ancient records, peach tree gum is the most effective for treating blood and stone. Use it for acne and black spots. It is rare to use peach gum to treat diseases in modern times, but it is a good thing with good quality and low price.

2, Saussurea. Ginsenosia rice is commonly known as snow lotus seeds, saponins, and saponins. It is the fruit of the acacia. It is a high-energy, high-carbohydrate, low-protein, low-fat food, and contains plant-based dietary fiber. The saponified rice will swell when exposed to water. According to the "This Sketch Book" records, "The white meat in the core is used as a medicine for the lungs. The yellow heart is taken from the core and chewed on the bait to treat the phlegm and acid." Efficacy, moisturizing dryness and laxative, it is a precious natural green nourishing food that harmonizes the functions of human organs.

3, Xueyan. Snow swallow is a precious plant pith secretion and a new type of nourishing product. It is named Snow Swallow because it is crystal clear and looks like bird's nest after soaking. It contains many precious nutrients after research. Snow swallow contains a variety of precious nutrients, which can moisturize, reduce fat and moisturize the intestines, improve human immune regulation, and enhance children's brain development. At the same time, it can also regulate the growth of human collagen, making the skin plump, firm and elastic. It is not a bird's nest, it is better than a bird's nest.

The third set: Nutritional medicine method: the seven fairies of effective nutrients

1, Grape seed extract. The core ingredient is proanthocyanidin, which enjoys the reputation of "skin vitamin" and "oral cosmetics". It is a beauty anti-wrinkle product favored by women of all ages. On the one hand, proanthocyanidins can promote the formation of moderate cross-linking of collagen (formation of collagen cross-links); on the other hand, as an effective free radical scavenger, it can prevent the occurrence of abnormal physiological conditions such as "over-cross-linking". This prevents the appearance of skin wrinkles and vesicles and keeps the skin smooth and supple. In addition, proanthocyanidins can also scavenge free radicals and improve the health of the skin from within.

2, Vitamin C. The high concentration of vitamin C can effectively penetrate the stratum corneum, penetrate into the skin, directly stimulate the collagen tissue at the bottom of the muscle, and allow collagen to be produced in large quantities, so that the skin surface becomes plump and smooth; it can promote the shedding of aging keratinocytes and let Pores restore firmness from the inside out; it has strong antioxidant capacity, can neutralize free radicals in a large amount, and effectively improve the dull and uneven skin tone caused by oxidation, and brighten the skin's luster from the bottom of the skin; it can resist Free radicals cause damage to the skin, thereby delaying the signs of aging.

3, Vitamin E. It is a fat-soluble natural antioxidant that can capture free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays and eliminate free radicals from corroding the human body. After mixing vitamin E and vitamin C, apply evenly to the area with acne marks on the face, and massage for ten minutes until it is completely absorbed. Apply once a day. If you stick to it for a long time, you can effectively remove the acne marks on the face, because vitamin E can penetrate deeply The lower layer of the skin repairs damaged areas and restores the skin to its original state. Vitamin C has a whitening effect, which can effectively reduce the pigmentation of acne marks. With the repairing effect of vitamin E, it can gradually diminish the acne marks, thereby slowing down Slowly disappear.

4,Collagen. Among the skin components, 70% is composed of collagen. The skin is rich in connective tissue. The collagen and elastin contained in it play an important role in the entire structure of the skin; it increases the moisture retention of the skin and makes the skin more beautiful and not easy. Produce allergic reactions; increase skin tightening and elasticity, restore loose skin to a youthful state, and thus achieve the purpose of eliminating fine lines; help improve skin function, enhance immunity and protection; due to the double water retention and shrinkage It can balance the oil secretion of dry and oily skin, adjust the skin texture to neutral, effectively improve the skin texture, and promote the tightening and fineness of the pores; restore the defective, sunken and loose skin tissues to reduce fine lines and delay skin aging Efficacy: It can significantly improve enlarged acne scars, epidermal or dermal tissue damage, epithelial tightening, deep fine lines or other soft tissue defects.

5, Seal oil. The main ingredient of seal oil is OMEGA-3 unsaturated fatty acid, which contains a certain amount of squalene and vitamin E. It can effectively inhibit the body's absorption of bad cholesterol released by food and accelerate its metabolism; it can effectively keep the skin moist, smooth and elastic. Squalene is a natural antioxidant, has anti-cancer, anti-cancer and cosmetic effects, and can effectively keep the skin moist, smooth and elastic.

6, Coenzyme Q10. Super anti-oxidant ability, especially for the lipid peroxidation of oxygen free radicals in the body caused by ultraviolet rays. It is also a kind of auxiliary substance necessary for the synthesis of collagen in the body, which can make the skin look more energetic and metabolize More vigorous. Long-term use can reduce wrinkles and lighten age spots.

7, Probiotics. On the one hand, probiotics can secrete natural antibiotics in the skin, on the other hand, it can improve liver function and intestinal health. If there is a problem with liver function, toxins enter the blood through the intestines, affecting our internal organs, and even accelerate aging. Therefore, maintaining the smoothness of the intestines and maintaining the balance of the flora are of great significance to our appearance and healthy life.

Many high-end brands of skin care products now contain these functional nutrients, but it is much cheaper to buy them separately, and the dosage is sufficient, and there are no bad additives in skin care products. Most of these recommended today are taken internally, and some of them can also be applied externally. If you still want to know how to use it, please consult Dr. Long, a registered dietitian and registered health manager in Canada. Finally, a set of facial whitening and wrinkle-removing massage points will be presented.


*** Every article has been carefully written, edited and checked by Huizhou experts. Please trust the experts’ opinions and suggestions.If you have any questions, please email *** – Dr. Kyle Long, a registered dietitian in Canada, a registered health manager, from the Huizhou Smart Financial Education Group ~ "Sincere, Clear and Efficient"

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