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After graduating from university, I have been doing basic research on blood diseases and hypoxia resistance in a research in China; after immigrating to Canada in 2006, I did research on neurodegenerative diseases in a research in the University of Toronto School of Medicine .

In 2012, I started to learn about the latest "nutrition medicine" in North America, because at that time I began to understand and pay attention to the serious chronic diseases of parents far away in China:Father has10Years of diabetes, the mother has 40For many years of gastritis, insomnia and leg joint problems, we can only rely on medicines. A lot of money is spent every year for medical examinations and purchase of Chinese and Western medicines. Medical expenses cannot be fully reported..

And myself,in2000Suffer from high blood pressure and fatty liver every year, with blood pressure up to 240/160, The weight reaches 90kg, I have been using western medicine since then; I always remember to bring medicine when I go out to parties for dinner and travel, which is very troublesome. After coming to Canada, this situation has not changed. Doctors in China and Canada have advised me to take medicine for life. However, the side effects of western medicine are very serious. Many aspects of the body do not feel as good as before. There is a long-term cough and sleep disturbance. The blood pressure still rises and falls in winter.

After a period of study and practice of "nutrition medicine", I have increased the study of Chinese medicine related content, especially the content of diet and acupuncture points. I gradually adjusted the diet and increased the amount of exercise. At the same time, I insisted on measuring my blood pressure. I kept finding suitable foods and acupuncture points for blood pressure reduction and weight loss. My blood pressure began to stabilize gradually, my weight began to decrease, and my belt changed to a smaller size. Later, after training and examination in the United States, he obtained the qualification certificate of nutrition and health consultant issued by relevant American institutions.

In the following whole year, I continued to learn and practice from experts in the field of "nutritional medicine" in North America, and asked a large number of medical doctors, professors, and experts for knowledge and cases of nutrition and health. From 2012 to 2013, my high blood pressure gradually recovered and remained at around 120/80; the fatty liver was gone, and my weight dropped from 90 kg to 75 kg. I was determined to take medicine for life by doctors at home and abroad, so I stopped using western medicine completely! My friends all thought it was a miracle. Later, I was recommended by my friends to share my experience in weight loss and blood pressure on various occasions.

In the summer of 2014, I had a comprehensive physical examination (including blood test, urine test, fundus, visceral ultrasound, etc.), and all the physical indicators returned to normal and qualified! In addition to the return of high blood pressure and fatty liver and other indicators to normal, various sub-health symptoms (such as skin problems, oil problems, etc.) over the past 10 years have also improved! The side effects of antihypertensive drugs have all disappeared!The most gratifying thing for me is that I did not spend much, but ordinary ingredients, but changed the lifestyle and diet, increased exercise and traditional Chinese massage. This is how knowledge changes life!

Since 2014, I introduced the dietary therapy of nutritional medicine and the method of TCM dietary supplements to my parents, and they have also improved to varying degrees.

Dad diabetes+Cerebral infarction, Western medicine for more than 10 years, 3 kinds of 5 pills a day; plus aspirin and insulin, side effects are very serious, and many complications (especially cardiovascular, memory and skin problems) have occurred. In addition, there are several rare Chinese medicines, which cost tens of thousands of yuan each year. After I provided a health management plan, adopted diet therapy and food supplements, and assisted with exercise, music, acupuncture points, etc., within a year, Chinese and Western medicines were gradually and slowly stopped, and aspirin and insulin were also stopped; until now , Blood sugar level remained basically stable, and complications basically disappeared; early cerebral infarction began to clear, the brain felt clearer, memory was significantly improved, and facial nerve twitch symptoms disappeared; when he was 79 years old, he was in good spirits every day and even rode a motorcycle , And the problem of constipation is completely resolved, eating and sleeping are also normal; at the age of 82, he can still play erhu and write memoirs.

Mom 40Years of gastritis, insomnia and leg joint problemsI have taken countless Chinese and Western medicines in the past, but no obvious effect. After the health management plan I provided, using dietary supplements and exercise acupuncture points, after 5 months, most of the sub-health symptoms have basically improved, hiccups have been significantly reduced, and fruits can be eaten After more than 40 years of arthritis, I used to squat slowly and couldn’t stand on one leg. Now it has all resolved. The lipoma of more than 40 years has basically disappeared within 2 months, leaving only a few large It also became smaller and disappeared after a year; the mother who relied on Valium tablets to sleep has basically stopped using it; in the community physical examination in June 2015, the nurse saw that her skin was bright and white, better than normal. Young women, reminded that: Only those over 65 can enjoy free physical examination. Mom said, I'm over 70.

When the chronic disease symptoms of myself and my family began to disappear, I began to believe: Western medicine and Chinese medicine are not the only cures. Nutritional medicine and health management are too great and amazing! At the same time, I established my own nutrition therapy studio, which is currently renamed as Boshilong Health Management Center. In the following years, after further study, I obtained the qualifications of a Canadian registered dietitian and a Canadian registered health manager. During this period, I contacted and helped many chronically ill patients, using dietary supplements and health management programs, and they have improved to varying degrees, which further strengthened my confidence in nutritional medicine and health management.

Later, together with my partners, I summarized, refined and created a complete set of"Detoxification and Health Management"Methods, and gradually promoted to the whole community the theory courses and training programs of healthy eating and healthy living. Because they do not use any drugs or meal replacements, they are loved by the general public. In the first few years, the content of theoretical courses was gradually improved and optimized, and boring pure theoretical knowledge was removed; the training program was fully verified in practice, and the sequential nutrition was fully integrated with the local ingredients at the time, and it was easier and easier Row. In 2018, in order to meet the needs of the majority of women who love beauty, more body and skin beautification, beauty and whitening courses were added; in 2019, in response to the new crown epidemic, the course was renamed "Detoxification, Body Sculpting, Immune Repair", and each student's Immunity is gradually restored. Over the past six years, 18 training courses have been held, with more than 300 participants and more than 1,000 students attending classes.

The above is the process of me in the field of nutritional medicine and health management, from completely ignorant, to contact and understanding, to gradually becoming a professional in nutritional medicine and health management, and I am still continuing to learn the latest North American nutritional medicine knowledge and theories. At the same time, I have also learned and exchanged with Chinese nutrition medicine experts, and never stopped learning and exploring new knowledge and new skills, because nutrition medicine and health management have been developing and improving, and have been serving ordinary people. At the same time, this also promotes me to study and study nutritional medicine and health management, and strive to practice and serve more friends around me.

The following is 20Some medical reports and related information during the year.


Comment: Cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, alanine aminotransferase and glutamyl transpeptidase are all elevated (upward arrow; the reference range on the right is normal), mainly due to cholecystitis causing local liver tissue inflammation, or Cholecystitis causes duodenal papillitis and causes biliary obstruction and liver damage; high total bilirubin (high indirect bilirubin, high direct bilirubin), indicating hepatocellular jaundice, liver cells are damaged, Decreased liver function.


In 2005, the diagnosis confirmed moderate fatty liver.


In 2009, fatty liver still exists: Fatty Liver.


In 2000, I started taking the antihypertensive drug in China: Enalapril; in 2010, I continued to take the antihypertensive drug: Enalapril in Canada.


In 2017, various test indicators for cholesterol (RESULT): non-HDL cholesterol (non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol), cholesterol plasma (plasma cholesterol), HDL cholesterol Pl (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol), LDL chol Pl Calc (low density lipoprotein cholesterol) Lipoprotein cholesterol calcium), these four items are normal; triglycerides plasma (plasma triglycerides) is also reduced, lower than the normal range (L = Low); the REFERENCE RANGE on the right is the normal range.


So far (2020), I haven't been to the hospital for 3 years, and I have forgotten who my family doctor is. I have never had a physical examination, nor have I taken any Chinese or Western medicines. I feel good in all aspects of my body. The blood pressure measured by a wrist sphygmomanometer Normal (120/80), weighing 65 kg; I like singing, music, dancing, sports, traveling... and friends around me say that I am back to what I was in college!

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