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Human chrono-nutritiology is a Canadian registered dietitian and Canadian registered health manager – Dr Long was founded in 2018. Taking time sequence as an element required by human health, it is in the same position as other nutritional elements, which shows the importance of time sequence.

Timing elements refer to the various elements needed for the normal metabolism of the human body. They are affected by age, season, time and environment in many aspects such as spirit, mood, thinking, diet, activities, and life in accordance with a certain biological rhythm and sequence. , With specificity that varies from person to person. It is also because various foods or food processing products from plants have different growth and receiving seasons and times, and through different processing and cooking methods, their nutritional components are different, and the human body is also based on different ages, seasons, time and The environment has specific quality and quantity requirements for nutrient absorption of food, as well as requirements for sequence and food matching.

What is human body timing nutrition?

Human body timing nutrition is a study of the large universe (energy from the outside of the human body, this type of energy element is called the energy that can be developed and used) and the small universe (energy from the human body, This type of energy element is called the energy that can be harvested and consumed).

Under the state of regulation, the body's material and energy metabolism, as well as the relationship with various nutrients, is a discipline. Through the description of the history, origin, development, characteristics, and levels of nutrition in different development, growth and age stages of the human body, as well as different environments, different times, and different seasons and temperature changes, the development of nutrition can be understood The pulse and its influence on the human body are at least on two dimensions, physical and psychological.

To understand from the theory of relativity, perhaps time does not exist in reality. But time sequence is not a one-way nothingness, but a multi-directional substance that can affect the metabolism and conversion of visible substances and invisible energy. It is the most advanced form of nutrient elements. Here is an example of the timing of meals:

1,Eat refreshing fresh fruits before the meal, then serve a small bowl of light appetizer soup, and then eat light vegetable dishes, Fill the stomach with more than half; then serve fish and meat dishes, and finally eat the staple food, at this time you can drink a little alcohol. The meal sequence here, first of all ensure enough water and dietary fiber, delay the digestion of staple food and fat, and also avoid the risk of hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia. In terms of the ratio of food categories (of course, you can continue to be accurate to the decimal point of food energy and food portion), the order of eating can control the intake of animal foods such as meat and ensure the intake of vegetables and fruits. Provides a large amount of antioxidant components, and maintains the balance of plant food and animal food, and feeds beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.

2,The way of eating gluttonously can easily lead to accumulation of food in the body, increase the burden on the stomach and slow down the speed of intestinal peristalsis. If things go on like this, it is easy to cause various intestinal diseases due to indigestion. In order to prevent gastrointestinal burden caused by overeating, eating slowly is the best way, because it usually takes about 15-20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal of fullness. Therefore, it takes at least 20 minutes for a meal. This time sequence is the time sequence of meal time, brain satiety time and gastrointestinal digestion and absorption time.

3. Under normal circumstances, many people think that eating is to eat food first, then soup, then dessert and fruit. This way of eating is not in line with the timing of human gastrointestinal health: the biggest harm of desserts after a meal is that it interrupts and hinders the digestion process in the body. The food in the stomach is easily broken down by bacteria into things like alcohol and vinegar, which produce gas and form gas. Gastrointestinal disease: After drinking and eating, drink a bowl of soup to "fill in the gaps", which will actually make the stomach feel Alexander, the nutrition is excessive and cannot be absorbed, and it will also lead to the accumulation of meat. Moreover, the soup drunk after a meal will dilute the digestive juices and affect the digestion and absorption of food. Adopting the order of eating soup first, then vegetables, fish, shrimp, meat, and staple food at the end is very helpful for weight loss, and also allows food to be fully digested and absorbed.

4. For specific dietary styles such as bigu health preservation, dietary diet, ketogenic diet, postoperative diet, and patient special diet, the timing of meals is different. The timing of the above meals varies from person to person. You must first understand your own physique. The time series nutrition is too complicated. The metabolism and conversion of visible substances and invisible energy, and the three-dimensional time series greatly affect the health of each of us.


What are the basic contents of the four dimensions of human body time series nutrition?

1. Natural timing

Natural sequence refers to the influence and control of the nutritional sequence in nature on human health and the normal operating state of life. include:

(1) The timing of heaven and earth

(2) The timing of the stars

(3) The timing of the natural environment

(4) The sequential nature of food growth

2. Physiological timing

Physiological timing refers to the state in which all internal and external cells of the human body operate normally according to certain specific timings under the nutritional timing arrangement of the biological human body. include:

(1) Timing of meals

(2) Timing of work and rest

(3) Timing of nutritional supplements

(4) Timing of exercise

(5) The timing of the physiological system

3. Psychological sequence

Psychological sequence refers to the normal operating state of all normal physiological and mechanical activities of the human body under the nutritional sequence arrangement of nature with wisdom and consciousness. include:

(1) Timing of thinking and consciousness

(2) Timing of language and communication

(3) Timing of behavior and movement

(4) The temporality of five sense perception and sixth sense

4. Personality timing

Personality sequence refers to the specific physiological and psychological sequence operation state of each individual in the communication with society and the environment under the nutritional sequence of nature. include:

(1) Sequence of genes

(2) The timing of life

(3) Sequentiality of acupoints

(4) Social temporality

(5) Human body personality biological clock

The human body is a complex system, and TA has the ability to think in multiple dimensions. This is the biggest gap between animals and humans. If you don't improve or increase the dimension, you can't get the essence of things. From the above-mentioned four-dimensional time series brief description, we can understand that human time series nutrition is complicated, multi-dimensional, and variable, but at the same time it has regularity, perception, and traceability. Therefore, nutrient intake and supplementation under the coordination of the large universe and the small universe of orderly time and space are the most basic elements to ensure our healthy body. If this principle is violated, it may lead to sub-health, or affect our normal sleep, diet, exercise or work, or reduce our immunity and self-healing power.

How does sequential nutrition affect our daily life?

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