Dr. Long Chelsea98.com Wisdom Week Million Dragon Health Education VIP level personalized service, affordable price for civilians

A. VIP-level personalized service, affordable prices for civilians

In addition to analyzing the individual's physical examination report for 1 hour before and after, the whole process also has personalized guidance, and personally customized health improvement plans based on individual physical fitness

After the course, there are test questions to answer the questions and difficulties in the course content; one-on-one to solve sub-health problems for you, take the road of health, and benefit for life.

B,3Great health module, solve90%Personal basic health problems

Course includes:Daily diet structure, personal exercise choice, healthy lifestyle3Great health module.

From the main organs of the body to the external skin, acupuncture points and exercises, a total of12Health points, At the lowest cost, prevent and protect personal health in advance.

CLayers of decryption: the most cutting-edge information on health management and nutritional therapy in the West, returning to the natural life and diet

"Let food become your medicine, don't let medicine become your food". There are few chicken blood and dogma, easy to understand, from cell theory to three meals a day in life,

There are also popular toxins, hormones, genetically modified, stress, beauty, sleep, exercise, food, health preservation, cooking...

Analyzing the cutting-edge health management and nutritional diet, harvesting a healthy body and enjoying a safe life, it turns out that it can be simple, relaxed and comfortable.


D, Fragmented time learning, a little more healthy life awareness and health management ability every week,3Monthly arrangement to repair immunity

Only 1 hour of basic theory lessons per week, live broadcast or download newly recorded videos, you can learn the essence of health management in fragmented time, and you can master and absorb it whether you travel at home or online;

One-hour practical courses per week, interactive online classrooms, exchange experience, enhance memory and strengthen what you have learned, and learn to benefit from a lifetime of quality and good lessons;

The scheduled March course is consistent with the cell renewal cycle, in the shortest time, so that your body will benefit the most.

E, Tangible food cultivates external beauty, and intangible nutrition improves body and soul

In addition, we not only teach you diet skills, but also teach you what is popular in developed countries: how to improve immunity and enhance self-healing power through energy elements such as consciousness, sleep, and music.

Let you transform into a "minority" who is both internal and external in 3 months.

F,12+12Section, essential knowledge points+experience+Practical training courses+6Years of intensive polishing;

Integrating the Western professional health management knowledge structure into the Chinese firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, it is economical and practical, with a lot of dry goods, and a basic course of health management necessary for everyone. It is now summarized into 12 essence theories and 12 hours of after-school training courses. , There are still 2 hours before and after the analysis by experts with high gold content in the physical examination report. If you are sick or not, you can prevent it in advance and take precautions in order to enjoy a painless life.

     ~ 12week12Course content arrangement ~

  • The first week, detoxification principle and detoxification food
  • The second week, ketogenic diet and organic diet
  • Week 3, healthy kitchen and food choices
  • 4th week, exercise, weight and body fat percentage
  • Week 5, the safety of genetically modified food
  • In the 6th week, food allergies and intestinal leakage
  • Week 7: Three-dimensional detoxification and body shaping
  • In the 8th week, water and health inside and outside the cell
  • The 9th week, stress, sleep and energy
  • Week 10, organic food and natural toxins
  • Week 11, the micro-ecological system inside and outside the human body
  • Week 12, non-fooding, dieting and light fasting

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Dr. Kyle Long, a registered dietitian, and a registered health manager, "Sincere, Clear, and Efficient" Personalized Improvement of FAH Financial Quotient and Health Quotient *From the Smart Financial Education Group Chelsea98.com

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